Work Philosophy

COMPOSITE Barcelona came about from a common passion for quality, unique and original designs. Based out of Barcelona, a Mediterranean city that for us captures the essence of our brand. We firmly believe that the most trivial, smallest of details can alter a mundane experience into a treasured one, thus we conceive and craft men’s shirts under four criteria; Comfort, Utility, Quality and Innovation.

At COMPOSITE Barcelona we have a deep respect for heritage and a dire need for the new. A European mindset carries the very soul of our brand, both in terms of style and functionality. We create timeless limited edition shirts far from mainstream fashion. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product, using only the highest quality raw materials and matching it with supreme workmanship.

We firmly believe that our shirts have soul, crafted locally by skilled craftspeople that believe in our product and we in them. We believe in a positive change and a better way of making things.  We believe in quality over quantity, but most of all we believe in Barcelona and its people that inspire us everyday.

We are COMPOSITE Barcelona and #WeBelieve in Shirts with Soul.